While reading through how to install a service in Visual Studio it told me to look for the Developer Command Prompt in order to do so.

However, it is not in the Tools menu. If you also happen to encounter this scenario, you can create it yourself.

Do the following:

  • Select “Tools”, then Select “External Tools”
  • Under Title, Enter “Native Tools – Command Prompt” or whatever you want to name it
  • Under Command, Enter “C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe”
  • Under Arguments, Enter ” /k “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools\VsDevCmd.bat”
  • Under Initial Directory, Leave blank or Enter your preferred default directory
  • Click OK

You can now find this under the Tools menu.

So you’ve seen posts in forums that show you how to fit all markers in Android’s map. However, you notice the top part gets cut off.

The solution is to set the top padding of the Google Map to the height of your marker Drawable.

Here is the code to have all markers shown in the map.

Now, to make sure all the markers get shown within the map, simply get the height of the Drawable and apply it to the map’s padding.

User Cristian in the StackOverflow forum provided some code on how to get the country name based on the Location’s latitude and longitude coordinates.

While this may work at first, you might find out while testing that on the 2nd try, the GeoLocation objects produces a NullPointerException.

This is actually because the Google Maps API has a limit on free requests. If you wish to make sure your app never crashes when it checks for the country name, you will have to pay.

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