The only way to have a custom button like the zoom buttons in Android map is to make one of your own. The way I did this is to have an XML drawable assigned to the ImageButton. It is pretty simple.

Then assign this as background to the ImageButton widget. Your image should be assigned to the source attribute.

That’s it!

Forget trying to familiarize those keytool command options. An easier way is to call a method to output the keyhash of the keystore being used in the app.

This is a method from JavaTechIG. Pretty slick.

Do not waste your time Googling on how to create a 2D measurement annotation in iText or any kind of measurement for that matter because it is not supported.

Yet. Hopefully soon the people behind iText will have this feature soon.

The only solution for this would be coding it in a low level approach. Meaning, you will have to look up Adobe’s documentation on PDF and add the necessary properties in iText’s dictionary to be able to simulate a distance measurement annotation.

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