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Here are some Android links that can help you. There are not much tutorials since it’s still new but hopefully these links will prove useful. If only, someone can give a step by step simple tutorial on how to create a UI programatically with lots of form fields in it … If you want to do away with code, you can do your layout in XML. It’s easier though …

  1. – Javadoc! Yes!
  2. – News about Android mobiles
  3. – Android Guys
  4. – News and forums
  5. – The unofficial Open Handheld Alliance community
  6. – Forum for developers
  7. – Another Forum for Android
  8. – Yet another forum for Android
  9. – Android components forum
  10. – Forum for developers
  11. – Applications made by Germans
  12. – Android wiki
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  1. Thanks for mentioning AndroidGuys, but our new address is so the .blogspot is not necessary.

    Thanks again!

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