Why Mac OS can never win against Windows

I have been using Mac OS personally ever since I bought a Macbook. I thought that it would be nice to learn a new OS other than Windows and Unix-type. It’s almost a year since I startedusing it and there’s only one thing I can say, Mac OS can never win against Windows because of one thing, user friendliness. As much as I am very impressed with Mac’s graphics display which is a perfect 10 of 10 for me, its UI is not user friendly. I’ll point out one big difference, in Windows start button and Mac’s … where? you would have to do a shortcut to open the applications folder??? Or place the shortcut in your sidebar somewhat??? Mac would have been alright if they adopted Windows style of having a fixed sidebar and when you hover on an item, it will expand its contents and so on. With Mac, I would have to manually click on it. You could say that it’s easy setting the folder in the sidebar but I find it a clutter. If they could have placed a shortcut on the top menu bar to easily access it and have that expand feature as well, it would have been neat. But even with Leopard, they did not add this functionality. And I don’t think it’s going to even happen…

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  1. “Windows start button and Mac’s … where? you would have to do a shortcut to open the applications folder???”

    You fail to mention that even if you were to go to the start menu in windows you would have to then go to the programs directory, just as you do in osx. Moreover for program you use on an everyday basis all you have to do is add them to the dock where it is extremely accessible.

  2. that’s true, but you would have to add it manually to the dock. it should have been pre-set. for window, you just hover the mouse on the item (e.g. programs) and it will expand its contents. i wished mac os should have implemented this with leopard.

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