Firefox 3 Mac VS Safari Mac

I realized only now that my Safari browser is already version 3. My friend asked me which of the two is faster in Mac OS. No matter what, I still prefer Firefox 3 (beta) over Safari v3. I just see Firefox’s lightweightness-ness when I run the browser. The look and feel for Firefox 3 is blended alright. Looks like any ordinary Mac application. Safari 3 may be an ok application but I don’t like its UI design. My friend also mentioned a problem in Firefox 3’s fonts’ anti-aliasness but I never saw any differences in my Mac OS. I noticed Firefox 3 doesn’t crash as much as its previous version does so good job with this even though it’s still in Beta. If you want to use Firefox 3 for Windows, you won’t have any problems with the UI as it looks exactly the same as the Mac version. If you’re into wanting useful little applications for use within your browser, Firefox has lots of add-ons and more than Safari. But the existing add-ons for Firefox’s previous version are not compatible with the Beta version yet though I’m pretty sure that once Firefox rolls out with its release version, its add-ons will then be compatible. My choice with the browser wars even in the Mac OS, is still Firefox. Safari Mac is a distant second while IE Mac is non-existent.

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