Optimize Firefox browser memory usage

Browsers tend to eat up lots of resources in your PC. Internet Explorer and Firefox do just that. Even Safari in Windows seems to be a heavyweight. I found a post by someone about a Firefox optimizer software. It’s a 3rd party application that you run and let it idle in your Windows tray. To verify if it does indeed work, I checked my Windows Task Manager and saw my Firefox browser was currently eating up 153,944K of memory usage. (see image below)

Right after I installed the optimizer, the memory usage went down to a whopping 516K!!!

I’m pretty impressed. And Firefox feels lightweight now too when using it. Unfortunately, this is for Windows OS only. I tried looking for a Mac OS version but no such luck.

To get the application, click here. Just drag all the files in your directory and run the program. It will automatically place itself in the tray.

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  1. are you using firefox 3? is it even out already? i’ve read somewhere that people at mozilla are going to address this problem about the huge memory usage (even with the browser idle) in the latest release of firefox.

  2. hi lourie, yes i am using firefox 3 (beta). I can’t really see if they have memory usage issues since it’s been the same as in previous versions. at least that is what i observed. I tried this one, the memory usage did go down, but I did not do any other testing to validate this though. But I noticed a lesser resource usage using this one. I stopped using the plugin though. I think I was only impressed when I first used this 3rd party application.

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