Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface just .. well… surfaced today in some states in the U.S. It’s on some AT&T stores. 2 in NYC and 1 each in San Fransisco, San Antonio and Atlanta. Whoever is within these states, have a go at it and tell us more about what you can find. Its concept looks promising, it is a little big for me though. A 30 inch table-top display where you can grab data with your hands, zoom in on images, move it around and others. But it does not limit you to one person using it at one time. This technology will be available in more AT&T stores next month. If you place your Microsoft Zune on it, it highlights its area and places a marker on it labelling it as Zune. They have one feature in the demo that impressed me. Place your digicam on the tabletop, drag your images to your digicam and they’ll be stored there. This, with using WIFI not magic hehehe. Maps come in pretty handy too.

No keyboards or mouse, just your hands. Do everything in Microsoft Surface. Reminds me of the interface that Tom Cruise used in Minority Report …

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  1. tang tangon na daw ang xp chitgoks. mangita pa kug nindut na shoutbox chitgoks. kanang minimal ang style. hehehehe!

  2. yeah, so frustrating. i never liked vista. i only tried it because i wanted to get a feel of its windows gadgets. ‘s all.. over all, it sucks

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