Stupid Reply From A Hosting Provider’s Customer Support

Recently, I just bought my own domain. While doing some configurations to my blog, I was surprised that suddenly my domain was not working anymore. I ping’ed it and it was not responding, so there was something wrong. I kept surfing the web if there may be downtime issues with our clients. It took me some time to decide on checking out my host provider’s website and find out that they were doing system maintenance. I emailed customer support to inform them that they should have emailed the customers so that I, for one would know in the first place what was really happening in case I would check out my site. Here was the reply.

It would take longer for the issue to be resolved if we were to do that.

Now, how the hell would them emailing me delay the issue from being resolved? That was a pretty bad answer for a very simple question.

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  2. it seems they wanted to tell you that “we’d rather use our people to fix the problem first than use them to email you about it.” they probably lack manpower. hehe! not an excuse.

  3. doesn’t matter what alibi they give to me. they need to email us clients. i don’t need to go everyday to their site to check if a system maintenance is scheduled. true, never an excuse 😉

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