Blogger or WordPress?

These 2 are perhaps the most famous blog sites out in the open. You could ask the next question, which one is better? My answer, depends. If we talk about monetary purposes, and you have no plans to purchase your own hosting, go with Blogger. It allows you to place AdSense ads within your blog sites unlike the WordPress site. But hey, nothing’s free in this world anymore. Blogger gets a small percentage of the money that you earn whenever someone clicks on your ads. This is quite understandable as we are using Blogger resources for our blogs, it’s natural Blogger gets something in return. You can use WordPress with AdSense only if you have your own hosting and domain. In terms of ease of use and setting up, Blogger wins over WordPress big time. You would have to have at least a bit of techie knowledge when using WP. Blogger’s user interface makes it very easy for users to place content and change their layout to name a few. I was so pissed when I first started using WP after I got my own hosting and domain. It’s sooooo unfriendly. Until now, I still hate WP but I have no choice. In my experience, I had a very hard time navigating the WP user interface when I first used it. It is PHP based, so you must at least know something about this in order for you to tweak your way around. It took time, but I finally did finish setting up everything I need with my blogs using WP. Remember, if you’re non-techie, I strongly advise you to use Blogger for blogging. You won’t have a hard time using it even when you’re still new to it. If you opt to use WP, good luck. You’re on your own. 😛

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  1. “…good luck. You’re on your own.”

    hahaha taray! yeah i agree. blogger is definitely easy for us non-techie to use. i’ve been using WP for my private musings, and now have definitely abandoned it. kapoi sya!

  2. although… if you’re the techie type, it’s very flexible for you coz you have total control of it since you have access to the source code he he he. pero kapoy gyapon! hahahaha

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