The Issue Between Yahoo & Microsoft

Yahoo will now face massive fireworks from its major shareholders after turning down Microsoft’s latest offer. I’m pretty certain that this is greed (aside from pride) in Yahoo’s case. They wanted Microsoft to keep upping the ante and look what happened, MS withdrew. Although Yahoo’s CEO said that he’s willing to open talks with MS again, I doubt MS will go right ahead and offer a new one. They probably will wait and see Yahoo’s status as a company. When MS’ latest offer got turned down, Yahoo’s shares fell right away. Although not a big drop, as shareholders felt strongly that MS will offer Yahoo again after some time. I was right (when this first started after Yahoo said that its offer undermines its value as a company) that knowing MS as a very big company, they wanted to squeeze more cash from them as possible in order to at least maybe match their targeted¬† share price that they failed to reach. So I wonder how this will turn out now. MS might offer Yahoo a new offer sheet in order to save them if its stocks plunge deeper. This will then not turn out what Yahoo expected it to be and their CEO might get whacked out by its majority shareholders.

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