EntreCash Sell Your EntreCard Credits

Ever wondered what good Entrecard credits can do other than getting your widget advertised in other blogs?

Here’s the thing. I’ve seen some sites that do have payment forms in PayPal that lets you buy EC credits from them. I too wanted one, but right now, I have no idea how to implement it nor where to start. I came across a new site that just started called EntreCash.

You can sell your EC credits here if you want. As with all other sites, it is standard to register and have an account. I won’t go into detail how to advertise there into selling your EC credits as the site’s user interface is fairly easy to navigate through.

Be sure you also have a PayPal account as it will be where your payment will go to in case someone does buy your EC credits. I hope to have some success here too. Hopefully, I can get my first payment in PayPal through here…

To go to EntreCash’s website, click here.

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