Checks if an object exists in the document using Javascript.

I forgot where I got this from. If anyone knows who owns this code please let me know. It’s what I use to maximize a popup window. It doesn’t have the same effect as when you click on the maximize button of an application window. What it does is get the screen dimensions and uses those measurements to set the popup window’s width and height.

The good thing about previous versions of Microsoft Office in Windows was that they kept their UI design intact until version 2004.I think version 2007’s design was a complete disaster. You’re given a whole new UI to use in all MS Office applications.

I think that its UI design made it even resource intensive compared to previous versions of it. I used to love this software suite because even when new versions came out, the UI functionalities were still the same, icons, menu items and all. MS Word in Mac OS is not totally identical as in the Windows version.

Changing the margins of your document, you would just go to page setup under the FILE menu. In the Mac OS version for Office 2008, it’s non-existent in the MS Word application. I had to look at all the menu items to see where changing the margins could be done.

To change the margin, go to the FORMAT menu, then choose DOCUMENT. The margin configuration is there.

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