Firefox 3 Download Day 2008

I saw some posts in the blog regarding Firefox download day, us helping the browser set a Guinness World

Download Day

Record for most downloads within a 24 hour span. I’m wondering why they need that gimmick.

Firefox is already way better than IE. I used to be a huge fan of IE but when version 7 surfaced, I was terribly

discouraged with it and have been using Firefox since. I will of course download this, but not as much as anticipating it like there’s going to be some sale going to happen. I am expecting that they will have solved that memory usage issue when using Firefox. It was understandable when version 3 beta was released since it was still in beta, and I hope it won’t be the case with their next version release as in previous versions of Firefox eat lots of resources. But hey, when download day arrives, once I have time, I will download and install it in my PC. I hope too that the Mac OS version will impress me more.

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  1. i’m a slow study, but i think i’m in the process of switching over to FireFox — an officemate told me that it’s safer to use compared to IE. the only thing that bugs me is when you use the search function and this minuscule bar appears below (left side). it’s just too small!

  2. hey. i never had problems with firefox’s search function. just press ctrl-f in the keyboard and the search bar appears below right away while getting the focus as well. you dont have to click on the search bar using the mouse to gain focus.

  3. I downloaded Firefox 3, installed, and ended up uninstalling, realizing NONE of the plugins I use every damn day will work in FF3. I enjoyed it for all of five minutes. Though I will say this, that “awesome bar” appears more annoying and distracting than awesome. FF3 is FAST though, and if indeed the memory leaks have been cured, then I can’t wait for the add-ons to catch up.

  4. I also wonder about how the downloads can reflect any real number. For instance, I downloaded and I’m not using it. Others download and install it on multiple machines. But if it’s just a publicity stunt, I guess they got their press. The servers almost melted down yesterday. They were reporting something around 14,000 downloads a MINUTE. That’s pretty amazing.

    Firefox Add-On Devs, hear my plea! Get your add-ons updated soonest so I can enjoy new Firefoxy goodness!

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