Change Margin in MS Word 2008 Mac OS

The good thing about previous versions of Microsoft Office in Windows was that they kept their UI design intact until version 2004.I think version 2007’s design was a complete disaster. You’re given a whole new UI to use in all MS Office applications.

I think that its UI design made it even resource intensive compared to previous versions of it. I used to love this software suite because even when new versions came out, the UI functionalities were still the same, icons, menu items and all. MS Word in Mac OS is not totally identical as in the Windows version.

Changing the margins of your document, you would just go to page setup under the FILE menu. In the Mac OS version for Office 2008, it’s non-existent in the MS Word application. I had to look at all the menu items to see where changing the margins could be done.

To change the margin, go to the FORMAT menu, then choose DOCUMENT. The margin configuration is there.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Too bad we all have to go online and research how to change margins on a Mac.

    How bad has it become when the term Margin doesn’t even show up in the offline or online Help Menu’s. Mac’s wonderful spotlight feature can’t even find the Margin feature – probably because it’s burried so deep in the file menu

    Having been a PC User and Microsoft Office User forever, this menu has turned out to be a disaster.

  2. Thanks for this–I hate this new version of MS; I can always have to search for long periods of time before I can figure out how to do even the most basic things (I was very proficient with the earlier versions of MS office)

  3. I just can’t get this to work as I need. I am trying to move one line at the top of page 2 to the bottom of page 1. I have highlighted the text at the bottom of page 1 and changed the bottom margin and highlighted the text at the top of page 2 and changed the bottom margin and I keep getting page breaks with the text followed by an empty page.

    Can someone be more exact for my pea brain to absorb the technique?



  4. I agree – it’s INCREDIBLY stupid and annoying the way M$ changed the UI – especially since people are working using Windows and Mac at home, office, laptop, etc, and often several people working on the same document. How much time do we all WASTE having to re-learn, and, even worse, having to constantly think which version, OS etc are we on?? I don’t want to become a Word expert – I want to get on with my real work. There is no other way to put this – it breaks all the most basic HCI rules. Imagine if cars were designed this way.

  5. I am trying to bleed photos on certain pages of a book I’ve written. The book setting is set just slightly larger then the trim size of the book, the photos are also just slightly larger than the trim size.

    My problem is that when I create a Word document, the photos look like they will go to the edges of the page but when I create a PDF, the photos appear constrained within the same margins that I used for the text.

    How do I get the photos to bleed in the PDF? The PDF is set for the same size pages as the Word document file.

    Do I have to create page breaks with separate margins for the bleed photo pages? If so, how do I do that in Mac Word 2008?


  6. Guys,
    Additionally, check out the Formatting Palette, i.e. “Toolbox” in your toolbar, in Word 2008 for Mac. The 5th drop-down box is you know what, Document Margins. Hope this helps too. I used the instruction posted here by Tech yesterday and this morning I noticed Document Margins in my Palette.


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