Google VS Cuil?

Cuil (pronounced Cool) recently launched and is the newest entry into Google’s list of competitors. I immediately checked it out and tried its technology. Before doing the search, the page shows that it has indexed more than a billion pages. Impressive, but I think Google also has the same, could be more or less but pretty sure a lot. Once the search results came out, I think that I like Google’s layout more, aside from the fact that people have gotten used to it, the results are presented in a better way than Cuil does. That is what made Google also stand out over Yahoo and Microsoft, not counting still how fast Google displays results and more so those that are relevant to the searched keyword that the user was searching for.

Having another competitor into the search engine wars is a welcome site to everybody. Google would always find ways to keep itself number 1. And competitors would find new stuffs to overtake them. At this time, Google owns a large share over search engine statistics and Cuil won’t overtake them, not this early and not this soon. Only time can tell … Who knows, the fact that Cuil is pioneered by some of Google’s main engineers can possibly jolt Google, but Google is still king at this time. I’ll wait and see how Cuil plans to overtake them over the next few years. What about you?

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  1. This is interesting news. Competition is always good because the winners are always the customers. I hope Cuil will do all they can to overtake Google or at least give the giant a scare. 😉

  2. I did a test to try out Cuil just now, typing in my name (which happens to be a very unique name), to pit it against Google. On Google I got 5 pages worth of results. On Cuil I got one result. ONE. My own blog didn’t even come up. And I, with my lack of web design experience, could have come up with a less boring theme. I understand Cuil is just coming out, but for now, Google still has my vote.

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