I Am Rich iPhone/iTouch Application

iPhone’s firmware version 2 had been out for quite some time but even until now, I never bothered trying to upgrade it from my 1.1.3 version for the sole reason that I had never seen a hacked game out that compared itself with Lexitron, a Text Twist clone. It’s the only game that I always play with my iTouch and is also the main reason why I buy gadgets like these. I never am not much into music nor videos (I guess video priority is greater than music but games top my preference). There are quite a bit of games out commercially and can be found on the Apple App Store like Super Monkey Ball which is a SEGA original game (correct me if I’m wrong). Even with those nice graphics and good gameplay, I still preferred to get stuck with firmware 1.1.3 for that text twist clone game called Lexitron. Today, I came across a site talking about an iPhone app which was sold for 999$ and was already purchased by 8 people before Apple took it off their website. Yes, 999$ to be precise and it does nothing more than display a glowing red gem and a mantra or whatever they call it that. Man, 8,000$ sold? Can’t blame some people for buying them especially if they’re rich since they don’t care what they’ll purchase with all the money they have. And the author of the application said that it was an acceptable price as Apple Store’s rule allows authors to sell an application at most 1,000$.

Check out the video below what this I Am Rich iPhone/iTouch application does.

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