Bejeweled 2 for iTouch

One of the best games for the iTouch and one of my favorites. Popcap never ceases to deliver good quality games on any console. The gameplay is the same as any other console version. Move gems and switch the one on top, bottom or beside the one you chose, and if 3 or more gems match, you score. If you match 4 gems, you get a specialzed gem that when matched again, will explode other gems nearby. If you get a 5er match, switching it with another gem causes all other gems of the same shape and color to be electrocuted which means, more score for you. Play in either timed or unlimited time. The game also lets you continue your last play in case you exit the application and come back later for it. I did encounter a bug though. When I was supposed to start Level 3, I suddenly had a game over. Weird, seems like the game was programmed to show out random gems without even making sure that at the start of every round, you shouldn’t get a game over. Good that that was only Level 3. What if I was at some later level, which ain’t easy reaching, and all of a sudden the game is over, pretty much unfair right? But oh well, the chances are probably miniscule but I did encounter it.

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  1. having trouble updating my itouch with the bejewel 2 blitz game. Had previousy purchased the game but can no longer log into facebook and challenge friends.. what’s up with that? can only play offline.. plz fill me in as to how to fix problem.. thanks .. Love challenging friends, cannot do this no more…augh!!!

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