Backup Your iTouch With MegaPhone In Mac OS

Once I decided to have my iTouch firmware converted to version 2, I had to look for a software that would let me backup all my music, videos and photos back to my MacBook. Luckily, my friend already has one so I didn’t not have to look in Google what software I should use best to backup all my files. Megaphone is a pretty simple program for the Mac OS that lets you do so. Once you run it, choose the category on the left side (video, photo, music) and click the button COPY FROM IPHONE at the top. Pretty simple.

Next question would be, how to have access to the files that you just transferred to your iTouch using MegaPhone? This is assuming you jailbreaked your version 2 firmware, use Cydia to install MobileTerminal. Run it, then type the command su (for root commands) and the password alpine (by default, you may need to change this) and use cd to go to /private/var/mobile/Media/iPhoneDrive to get to the file and do anything you want to do with it. If you wish to look for it in the net, Ecamm does not have Megaphone anymore. They changed it to PhoneView which also lets you backup everything iPhone related like SMS messages. Just google for the old MegaPhone application if you want to use Megaphone instead of PhoneView. It should be there.

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