Make your MacBook VNC’able

It wasn’t easy for me to enable remote access for my MacBook. I searched for tips on Google on any VNC Server and later found out that Mac OS already has one installed into it.

It took me awhile to find out that Tiger and Leopard both have different names for remote access management. Tiger has it as Apple Remote Desktop while Leopard has it as Remote Management. To enable it, do the following …

1) Click the apple logo on the top left
2) Choose system preferences
3) Click sharing
4) Enable Apple Remote Desktop (for Tiger) or Remote Management (for Leopard)
5) Click options button, choose the checkbox that says access via password, then set your desired password.
6) To check if it works, open up a VNC Client (Chicken for the VNC is a good one for Mac) then type in the I.P. if the PC you will be connecting to plus the password.

If ever you want to enable Remote Management via command line, do this (in Leopard)
sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ -activate -configure -access -on -restart -agent -privs -all

Make sure remote login is enabled in sharing so that you will be able to access via SSH.

That’s it. Happy VNC-ing.

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  1. After spending half an afternoon failing to get my pc vnc’ing to my macbook, your piece of advice got it sorted in 2 minutes.

    Sometimes, it just needs to be the right author.

    Thank you very much.


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