PSP Virtua Tennis 3

After so long of coveting a Nintendo DS Lite, I bought a PSP Lite insetad. Comparing it to Nintendo games I think there are lots more role playing type of games for the PSP and decided to get it since my brother is into it. He’s the one who’s hanging on to my PSP now anyway. One of the irreplaceable games in my PSP is Virtua Tennis 3. I enjoy playing this game over and over. Although irritating at times, because usually in the 3rd round your opponent gets almighty or something. Imagine, it’s as if the artificial intelligence was somewhat overdone because while the ball is on its way to your opponent’s side of the court and while you’re moving a little bit, it somehow knows where to hit the ball so you won’t be able to hit it back. If you think this is bad, wait till you play the surprise level. It will only happen if you play all 5 levels without losing. Your opponent will be a nobody that wears a golf attire (weird huh). Worse, you can barely hit the ball twice as the opponent knows where to hit the ball back to you so you won’t be able to even reach for it. You’d have to play a perfect game and if you can, hack the game itself so you’d stand a chance against this surprise level player haha. Anyway, even if as the levels go on and the players get harder, they should have one game feature in the settings to disable the names of the players on both the left and right upper side for good (check attached image). This is because sometimes you can’t see where the ball is headed back to you until it is too late to notice it. Still, it’s a good game and this will stay in my PSP for good 😉 hehehe.

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