How To Add AdSense In Blogger

Adding Google AdSense code into your Blogger account is fairly easy, although this wasn’t possible before when I was new to Blogger. The reason why I want to add Google AdSense code manually rather than using Blogger’s AdSense gadget is because of channels. Channels are pretty helpful is segregating page impressions of ads and this is not possible if you use Blogger’s built-in Adsense gadget. To manually add code (this is assuming you know how to generate AdSense code in your AdSense account), do the following …

1) Once in the blog of your choice, choose LAYOUT


3) Choose HTML/JAVASCRIPT and click the + (plus) image

4) Paste your Google AdSense code

5) Click SAVE

That’s it! It took me quite a while till I thought about having to check if placing AdSense code in an HTML/Javascript gadget is now possible or still not. And now that it is, I’m very happy as I can keep track of my page impressions through channels.

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