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I came upon this great tool to create timelines in your web pages, called Timeline by Simile. It is a DHTML-based AJAX widget for visualizing time-based events. All you need to do is to supply data in an XML file, tweak a little configuration according to your preference (if you’re typical about looks and presentation) and it does the rest for you. To use the Timeline project, you just need to load its Javascript source file with this.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you want to have full control of the scripts so that you can use your own images in place of bullets and others, make sure you have these 4 Javascript source files: bundle.js, labellers.js, timeline.js, timeline-api.js. The project’s site is still hosted in an site (although they’ve provided a link for its new homepage), so it probably was a project by students for their thesis or something. Great job they did. This would surely help a lot of people who want to add timelines to their web pages. It’s not that hard to learn and understand how to use Timeline although you may get stuck for a bit in configuring the Timeline to include hours per day if in case you have more than one event in a day, you would want that certain day to display hours so that the presentation would be specific and in detail. Go check out this neat tool and start creating your very own timelines.

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