Google set to introduce its own Web browser

Wow I didn’t see this one coming. From the Reuturs website, “Google Inc is set to introduce on Tuesday a new Web browser designed to more quickly handle video-rich applications, posing a challenge to browsers designed originally to handle text and graphics”. It’s going to be called Google Chrome and Google had officially confirmed this. One of its new features is a Javascript Virtual Machine called v8 which was created for the purpose of speeding up Javascript code. Considering that lots of websites (and especially Google) are heavily using AJAX (they are a great help by the way), this would be put to good use.

This new browser’s address bar comes with auto-completion features known as “omnibox”. It was said that Google will offer search suggestions and top visited pages using the “omnibox”. IE8 also has this, but well, this feature is pretty useless to me. I find it annoying haha.

As a default homepage, the browser presents you with a kind of “speed dial” feature similar to the Opera browser like the photo shown below. Though in my case, this is really not useful to me. I pretty much like to type the url since auto-completion is turned on all the time.

From Xavier Lur’s blog, his post mentions that one of its other features is web applications can easily be launched without the use of the address bar or toolbar. Google Chrome also constantly downloads lists of harmful sites to fight malware and phishing attempts giving you more protection and security.

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