Internet Explorer 8 Beta’s Cookies

I never care about Internet Explorer. I never even knew there was a version 8 beta out. I only found out about it after my boss told me the owner installed it and our web applicatins got messed up (since he’s an IE user). So off I went to debug and find out why. Sigh, why in the first place did he have to install it when it’s just a beta version. I never use beta or evaluation softwares as I find them dirty hanging around in my desktop PC. More and more debugging until I finally found the culprit. The browser itself has cookies turned off. My web application couldn’t pop open a new window because once the page loads it doesn’t see the session because it’s never been passed, hence it deems the user accessing the page not logged in. Even turning on cookies in its options under privacy doesn’t do the trick. The workaround I did was to add the site to its list and allow cookies to be used. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. go to TOOLS menu, then INTERNET OPTIONS
  2. choose PRIVACY tab
  3. click SITES button
  4. add the URL and click ALLOW button
  5. click OK button
  6. restart ie8

I hope this would help others in knowing right away that this is how IE8 works by default. Else, you’d be up all night finding out why some of your codes do not work anymore. Who reads the releases list right? Haha! I don’t.

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