Google Chrome Out

Oh man! As if 2 browsers waging against each other isn’t enough, we have another one on board the browser wars. Google Chrome is finally out, Google’s very own internet browser. What’s nice about this browser is it maximizes your whole screen and does away with those useless icons and stuffs. What I really need visible in a browser is the menu bar, the address bar and the status bar. The browser does look weird with its UI interface because you don’t see a menu bar here. The menu items that you see in the other browsers are all clamped down in the 2 icons on the upper right side of the browser, just beside the address bar. The browser’s design for tab holders is sleek and is positioned at the top part of the browser (like IE’s design).

When running Chrome on startup, it redirects you to its speed page, like Opera’s feature. I prefer though that they provide an option what default page the browser should load upon startup. I want a blank page on startup rather than this speed dial-like page feature. My biggest disappointment with this browser is that it doesn’t have a status bar. When you hover your mouse cursor on top of, say, a hyperlink, a sort of tool tip label appears on the lower left corner of the browser. No matter what, I want a status bar in the browser he he he. The overall design of the browser makes you think that it’s a lightweight program since its UI make it look thin.

Now comes the hard part. I haven’t tested this browser for programming purposes but I hope that having Firefox and IE give different results are enough. Having another browser give more is a pain. Though I’m certain Chrome follows the standard.

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