MacBook Top Case

I am one of those victim of Apple Macbook’s Top Case Dilemnas. I never knew about this until I experienced one myself with my Macbook. Just recently, I suddenly heard sort of a soft crack or tick while I was using my Macbook. I looked for it and noticed a small crack just near the corner of the laptop (see attached photo). I’ve read that the later Macbooks don’t have this problem but just to be on the safe side, careful when you lower your laptcop screen when closing it. I’m going to have my cousin buy it probably next year. The whole incase for the Macbook costs only like 50$ if you buy it in Apple Store. Don’t buy it here in the Philippines because it’s so expensive. A Whopping P5,500
when I inquired in Cebu’s I-Store for the top case only. Plus a P500 charge for changing it. If that would be its price, how much more for the whole case itself, yikes! That thought is financially scary hahaha. Apple should provide a replacement top case for customers who bought these laptops. It’s unfair that I have to depend on warranty (which just expired 2 months ago) and this was a case defect to begin with while I bear the fact that I’ll have to buy a new top case for replacement. It’s Apple’s responsibility to sell durable stuffs. Even my in case have small cracks on the side. Best bet for me is to buy a whole new case for the laptop.

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  1. mac uses a unix os so it’s different when you’ve been a windows user since. but since mac gives you a ui to work with, you’ll get used to it in no time. although im disappointed with how they made the macbooks. i have to buy a new case just for this. even though my warranty had expired, i should be given a new one and replaced because this is a design defect. customers should not bear the brunt of the maker’s defects

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