Sony MicroMV DCR-IP5 For Sale

Back when I bought a Sony MicroMV video camcorder, it was very expensive. It was the very first model and it boasted that it was the smallest and lightest video camcorder out. Even until now, its tape is the smallset that I have seen out there. Think of it as a miniature betamax tape. Honestly, it had been my dream to buy something expensive to serve as a remembrance of the fruits of my labor haha. The camcorder looks very chic and it works ok. The only problem was how to convert the video into a file. It comes with its own editing software but the problem is, the camcorder does not work with other video editing softwares. I don’t know why Sony did this on purpose. The program didn’t impress me. It crashed a lot of times especially since I had a slow PC back then. I only got to use my camcorder a few times, probably like 7x. If anyone is interested in buying it, let me know. I bought it at 1,500$ (75k pesos) in 2002 and had kept it since. I’m selling it at 40k including 3 miniature video tapes for recording, 5 batteries (4 brand new) and 1 tape cleaner with its accompanying cables and softwares (only for people in Cebu, Philippines). Do not fret about converting the video because now, it works well with Mac’s iMovie 08. A lot of users had posted testimonials that it is now compatible with iMovie 08 so it’s good news for all MicroMV owners. I’m not saying this is a bad model or what. I just have no use for a video camcorder and I can’t figure out why of all the things, I bought this one instead. I guess it is because I’m a sucker for tiny gadgets that are chic. If you want to buy it from me, contact me and please let me know. Thanks!

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