Reversi For iTouch By Big Bang Games, Freeverse

When the iPhone firmware version 2 was released, I was pretty excited about it because Apple finally let developers create games for the device. Before it was only restricted to users being able to use applications that Apple provided. Now, there are lots of games created and one of the games that I anticipated is the Reversi game. It took very long for this kind of game to be cracked but finally it’s been done. Big Bang Games is a collection of classic games like Chess, 4 In A Row, Backgammon, Checkers, Mancala (Sungka in Filipino) and Reversi. These are the same set of games that you see when you have Mac OS installed in your laptop or desktop. I never get bored with Reversi, even if I win 99.9% of the time lolz. I will not explain how each game works since they are classic games and for sure most of you know how they are played or at least have an idea about them. I wished they included a WIFI feature so that you can multiplay with another player. Hopefully, their next version will have this feature (if there will be a next version). The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is decent, although not better than the Nintendo Family Computer version of it (Othello). I’m not complaining though. This is the very first game that I tap right away to play when I get bored. My first wish was granted. I hope my next wishes would become realities. I would love to see a Text Twist, Mummy Maze and those famous Big Fish Games available for the iPhone/iTouch.

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