Java Keeping Track Of Cookies

I came across someone else’s code a long time ago and I thought someone else may find this useful since this class has been part of my library whenever my program involves cookies. It is a class by Saar Machtinger.

Say for example you wish to log in to a site and want to keep your session intact when you access the site’s other pages (since they require you to be logged in). To use this class, do the following

We need a URL connection to set which site we want to log in to. Then specify the username and password and use the OutputStreamWriter’s write() method to emulate an HTML Form post action. The last method call, viewAllCookies() displays all data that are stored in the cookie. Please remember that the parameters passed like username and password are not the same in all sites. You should check the site’s HTML FORM tags and see what other hidden fields are included that could possible be needed in order for you to be able to logged in properly.

If you wish to access other links of the site that require you to be logged in, just use the CookieTool object ct like this

You can then use the HttpURLConnection’s getInputStream() method to get the InputStream and use it to retrieve the contents of the HTML page. Getting the contents of the InputStream and storing it in a String object is another story. There is a nifty code that I use to do this (I forgot who coded this). Just go here.

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