de Blob For iTouch

I recently checked out this game and I think it’s a good one. The game features great graphics and unique gameplay. You go around the city doing missions and you earn points. My only problem with this one is when de blob starts running fast, I can’t control it very well and I end up getting hit by an inkt agent and die in the process hehehe. Maybe with some more practice I could get the hang of it. It may take awhile though because I can’t even understand what my blob is doing because of the speed so I need to get used to this.

De Blob lives in a metropolis where enemies known as INKT have drained the color of his beloved city. From buildings, flowers, walls and trees. You’ll roll de Blob through the streets, using either the touch screen or the tilt controls in order to locate resistance fighters who give you missions to let you earn points in order for you to finish a level. The game gives you the option to use either the tilting feature or just tapping it manually for movement. As I mentioned awhile ago, I can’t see much movements of other enemies clearly because my blog moves speedily since I use the tilt feature of the iTouch. Oh, and don’t get hit by any enemy. If you do, simply go to a pool to wash the ink off. If you get hit, never touch any objects as it will wash away the color of any object that you just painted nor do you touch a color pool as this will disintegrate it. As much as possible, stomp those INKT agents right away before they inkize (my term haha) you.

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