Kroll For iTouch

Kroll, by Digital Legends Entertainment is a side-scrolling action game for the iTouch that features 3D characters. Set in a fantasy world populated by monsters and giants, it tells the story of Delon, a warrior who is on a quest to rescue his daughter. To do so, he must confront Kroll and his monsters. Equipped with a huge hammer type weapon, you go around bashing enemies until you reach the end of each level.

I’ve played through 2 chapters in easy mode and I thought it was easy. The 3rd chapter though is a different story. Up until now I couldn’t get past the boss. Why? That is a complete mystery considering I am in easy mode. There is no opening when you try to attack the boss. If you make a move, he will hit you instead just when your character is actually trying to swing his weapon to the enemy. So basically, there is no chance to defeat this boss. And to think this is still in easy mode. What more if I played the hard mode. The graphics are great. Controls are alright although they could have done the attack finger taps anywhere on the horizontal area. You’re forced to tap on the left most and right most part of the screen to hit the enemy left or right. If you tap it somewhere in the middle, your character just stays put and gets hit by enemies. The game is somewhat big, around 80+MB. Overall, still a good game.

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