Hidden Expedition: Everest For iTouch

When I first ran this game, I thought it was a game similar to Shakky Summit’s gameplay. Turns out it the first game that I’ve seen for the iTouch where the gameplay looks similar to Mystery Case Files. Yes, Big Fish Games is the maker of this hidden object, look for it type of game. Although the main feature of this game is similar to Mystery Case Files, Hidden Expedition adds a little twist. You will choose a member of The Hidden Expedition Club and go on a race to the summit of Everest against the other members. To reach Everest, you need to look for designated items assigned to you. Once you find all items, you will then move on to the next location. If you get stuck, a hit-o-meter is there to assist you but it is not available to you all the time. Once you use up a hint, it takes a while for the hint-o-meter to be full and available for use again. Use your hints wisely. I knew it would be soon that a hidden object look for it type of game will be developed for the iTouch. And it’s finally here! Great graphics and fun gameplay. If you’ve played Mystery Case Files, this one’s no different.

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