OMS Online

OMS Online provides e-commerce solutions that suits your business requirement needs. If you want your products displayed according to your preference, just let them know every detail and they will make it according to how you want your products to be displayed. Item availability is projected to customers in real time. If an item is unavailable in any warehouse for example, that same item’s status will be unavailable in the web.

As with any typical e-commerce solution, payment areas are the most crucial. Fraud protection is very important in online transactions. This helps your potential customers know that OMS Online solutions provide any means necessary to detect fraud and eliminate false customers all the while assuring real customers that it is safe to do purchases.

OMS Online includes a checkout system that is easily customizable. Features can include enabling customers to checkout items for purchasing without having to register for an account. The checkout system is integrated into famous credit card payment modes like VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Even online banking like PayPal is supported. These, and a lot more. To know more, they provide a virtual tour in their site about the service. Or, you can either call customer service or fill up a form and they will contact you to set up a live demo for to you have a feel firsthand on what it can possibly look like.

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