Adobe Flex 3

So I am trying out Adobe’s Flex technology. It is currently at version 3 so that says I am already way behind he he he. I have scoured the net for 2 days and have not found any good tutorials that detail it visually. Adobe offers an IDE for Flex development called Flex Builder 3 but it ain’t free. You’d have to buy it. Though it’s offered as a 60 day trial software. Seeing as how it’s a totally different technology and even though its ActionScript syntax looks a bit like Java, I opted to use an IDE for its sake. So I am using Flex Builder 3. I did not get the Flex plugin for Eclipse since there is no Flex 3 plugin for it yet so the standalone version was my only option.

Adobe Flex allows you to create rich internet applications. In simpler terms, Flex is an array of components at our disposal to use to ease client side presentation development. Take for example a grid table containing entries from a database. Rather than doing code to make possible client side interaction like search by column, or having a different color per alternate row, the grid table does this all for you. All it needs is an XML data that contains the entries from the database to be populated in it. See image below.

When I first started checking out Flex, I thought that the whole page presentation is stored inside Flex. And I was wrong. Flex is merely a set of components that offer lots of functionality on the client side. I just finished going through a simple tutorial that loads the entries from the database using PHP. Scripting languages like ASP, PHP, JSP or Cold Fusion can be used in conjunction with Flex.

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