Adobe Flex: Using TabManager

Do you want to create multiple tabs that look like the image below? Using Adobe Flex’s IDE called Flex Editor, you can easily drag ui components to the application area (the area colored gray). When I tried to add a canvas though to represent as another tab by dragging it to the application area, I hard somewhat of a hard time.

So what I did was code manually the MXML file. Just place the mx:Canvas tags inside the mx:TabNavigator and they will automatically be considered as tabbed panes.

Pretty easy. The labels that you assign in the Canvas component will be the text that will appear in the tab.

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  1. ouch, that hurts. i asked you back because i dont understand what you meant by (was that) page header (right) with regards to adobe flex’s code

    anyway, if you don’t believe i’m the one doing some of these codes, that’s up to you. the main purpose of this tech blog of mine is to be a respository of reusable code that i can use again and again so i don’t have to go off searching the net. i can query them all here

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