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RIght after I installed 2079, I was kind of surprised that the gameplay looks different and, well, unique in my taste. The game shows you some sort of a grid, but oddly, it rotates side by side while your ship passes through each of them in an infinite loop, until you get hit by the enemy or an inanimate object. The game is good for some, but for me, not yet, since I am the nervous type of player who as much as possible do not want any damage on my ship, which is an impossibility, especially if you are a newbie because you would have to get used to the navigation controls on the right, tapping the up, right, left, down and diagonal arrows to guide your ship’s lasers where to aim and shoot and using the accelerometer for movement.

The graphics are fairly good and you can even play your favorite iTunes stuff to be played in the background while you are playing the game. 2079 is still new and is in its first version. Expect more new features in its next succeeding versions like probably new enemy types and game modes. For now, I have to get used to the shooting navigation UI so that I can shoot properly before my ship gets disintegrated haha. The game can be pretty confusing and frustrating at first. But once you get used to the gameplay, this can probably be one addicting game to you.

I came upon a site that is a tech blog like mine but a bit different with the topics. It offers uncategorized topics about anything that is related to technology and another topic focused on MAC. There sure are lots of MAC topics here too and some were quite interesting since I do not delve much into MAC issues unless I encounter certain problems. If you are looking for some good updates, you can also find them here, even past, current or new MAC events.

You can also find information regarding MAC games here, details and reviews that highlight the game’s description and gameplay. Browse through vast archives of past articles with a search function provided to let you easily find the article you are searching for. The site is clean, simple and tidy, reading through is not a pain in the eyes. Definitely a good place to read regarding technology and MAC stuffs, Technology with me.

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