WordPress Plugin To Run PHP Scripts In Pages And Posts

There may come a time wherein you will need to have php code run within your posts and pages in your wordpress blog. Luckily there are some plugins available that will let php code get executed within the page or post. Problem is, not all of them worked for me. I tried ExecPHP and runPHP but both of them did not work.

PHP-Exec did the job for me. You can get it here. Remember, take not of the plugin name. It’s PHP first, then Exec next. The plugin Exec-PHP is different. To use PHP-Exec, you would need to add the following tags <phpcode> and </phpcode> between your <? and ?> php code tags.

To use it, say, listing your categories in a page, do the following.

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  1. Well thanks for the info Tech, but I tried & failed ye again 🙁
    All I got was the php code showing in the post.
    I’ve tried php exec & exec php but still no good.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as it’s giving me a damned headache !!!

    Regards Steve

  2. that’s odd. it should work. check out my categories page. i used php-exec for that. i created a page first, then placed the code there.

    did you activate the plugin? you have to activate it first

  3. gak bisa mas !!

    – plugin dah aktif
    – di post / page gak bisa
    – Visual/HTML mode ==> tetep gak bisa
    – ==>Gak bisa
    – ==>Gak bisa

    trus biar bisa gimana ?
    btw aku pake WPMU 2.6.5


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