Bomberman Touch for iTouch

The ever famous game that I got addicted with ever since it debuted in Nintendo’s Family Computer is now available for iTouch. Using your finger to guide bomberman along the mazes, you plant bombs to free yourself from walled obstacles and/or bomb enemy monsters. But remember, there is a time limit for every level so you better find the exit door as quick as possible. While moving around, you will be lucky if you come across secret weapons like extra bombs, longer range for explosions and others. The gameplay is basically the same as that of the original game so playing it is fairly easy and will get you going right away. It is always a great site to see classic games being a part of new gadgets. Although Bomberman Touch has added a little twist, you actually follow a storyline that will take you to the end game unlike the Family Computer version where it is all just levels. A little storyline can help juice up the game a bit. Bomberman Touch did not disappoint me when I first started playing it, and this is one of my favorite iTouch games.

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