Pinch N’ Pop For iTouch

Pinch ‘n Pop from Chaoticbox is a new iTouch game that will probably please hardcore gamers. For the not so hardcore like me, I was not that much into this game because I got frustrated quickly while I played the game. The gameplay is to match 2 cuddly squirms as the game calls it, twice. Yes. Twice. You use two of your fingers (your index finger and your thumb) to do a pinch movement. That pinch movement merges 2 squirms into one. Do it again with another squirm of the same color and it will explode itself. The game is to clear as much squirms as you can before your screen fills out and the game will be over, and well, get the highest score. If you do not quickly explode the squirms, it will clone itself into more that will quickly fill out your screen.

Powerups also appear from time to time and it is best to use them when your situation looks like it is almost game over. I do not have to explain the powerups one by one as the game itself has a help guide to let you understand what each powerup does. Sometimes, mixing powerups can have interesting side effects. The squirms look funny if you let them be for too long. Their face shows you a mad expression haha. My nephews enjoyed popping them off the screen but I did not really play the game that long. I figured my fingers might get swollen in the long run.

The game features great graphics and cute squirmy characters and there really is no need for a tutorial to playing this game. You can get on to playing it right away. You only need to check its powerup guide in the game’s help section so you would know what uses they have which can greatly help in maximizing your score.

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