Astraware Board Games For iTouch

Astraware, a known gaming company that provides games for mobile devices has released their own set of board games for the iTouch called Astraware Board Games. It features the games that we all know like chess, checkers, backgammon, ludo, my most favorite of all, reversi and even a snakes and ladders game. I checked some of the games like checkers, chess and reversi to see if the gameplay is good. I was kind of annoyed that for these games, whenever it is a player’s turn, a message would appear. It would have been ok if there is an option to turn that off but there is not so I did not enjoy playing the games because of it. Even reversi, which I hoped to expect that its artificial intelligence is better than Big Bang Games’ reversi version did not have any effect on me because of that annoying popup message. I still kept this game though because of the snakes & ladders game, my nephews might like playing it. The graphics are good. You can also play this game with another iTouch player using a local WI-FI connection.

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