iTouch Limitation

I used to have quite a few iTouch applications and games installed and decided to place them in certain pages. I was surprised that after dragging an icon wanting to place it supposedly on page 10, it went back to page 1. I was like, was this a bug? Maybe. Maybe not. So I thought, oh well, maybe it acts that way if the spaces are not filled, hence the OS restricts the iTouch to display its icons until page 9.

As days went by, more and more applications and games were installed until I finally had all pages filled up. When I synced my iTunes with my iTouch I could not find the new game anymore. So, it is final. That iTouch will only let you install a few number of applications and or games that will fill everything up until page 9. I had to delete other games that I do not play often to give way for the new games for me to check out and play. I hope Apple will lift up this limitation because I want to install any games I want.

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  1. oh no, i’m on page 7 already! and i did it in 3 days. so this means i have to limit myself from downloading apps starting now.

    thanks for the heads up 🙂

  2. I’ve just discovered that there is a 9 pg. limit to the number of apps…:(

    Apple don’t want the iphones jailbroken but this stupid limitation means that it now totally my first priority…

    Strange to see apple acting like losers….; oh well

  3. you can use cydia’s categories application to create a games folder and place all your apps there. there is no limit i believe. at least that is the only workaround i know for now

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