Let Me Google That For You

A lot of people do get annoyed when they get asked by other people what this is, how to do that and so on. What’s the use of Google right? If you get pissed yourself because someone did that to you, go to this site that I find amusing. It is called Let Me Google That For You. Type in the search keyword, press the Google Search button and you will be generated a short URL link. Give that link to the person who just asked you something. When the person goes to that URL, the site will run an automation process like Mac OSX’s Automator, by typing in the search keyword that you used to search and clicking the Google Search button. The next page request would be Google’s search results page. This is a way to tell the person that Google is your friend. Go there and use it. It is there for a purpose and it is well known for one reason haha.

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