BeeCells For iTouch

This new game by Butant features endless time gameplay based solely on strategy. You do not have to worry about timers getting the game over because there is no such one. The purpose of the game is to match items in 6 or more. The items are displayed to you as fruits and the game area is a beehive. Move one item at a time to your preferred destination placing them side by side or diagonally. The hitch here is that for every item you move, 4 new fruits would appear in random places. You can see the next 4 fruits that would appear on the upper right to keep you guided. The game ends when all spaces in the beehive is occupied. The gameplay is pretty simple so it is not hard to enjoy this game for endless hours. The graphics are pretty neat, high-resolutioned. This is another good game to keep in your iTouch.

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