Rolando For iTouch

This new game from ngmoco ain’t bad if I say so myself. The gameplay looks a bit like Toy Boy Diaries and South Park. The game starts by displaying a map, displayed like a storybook since it opens itself like a book. The graphics is drawn and colored like that of Cartoon Network’s Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and a bit like The Powerpfuff Girls and Samurai Jack. Each level. you are required to save a minimum number of Rolandos and reach the destination before time runs out.

The game features a good number of levels (30+) to keep you occupied. Bonuses can be accomplished per level. They can happen if you beat the challenge time for the level, collecting all the gems in the level, and saving all Rolandos. The challenge time is pretty hard. I had no luck with it hehehe. The first few levels teaches you how to move Rolando, whether left or right and/or jump, and doing them in groups as you will find out in the second level. You can switch to listen to your own preferred music if you do not want the game’s music to be played. Although I have played Toy Bot Diaries and South Park, Rolando did not disappoint me. The graphics and the gameplay are both good so getting this game is not a waste.

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