Sneezies For iTouch

This game is pretty simple to play and straightforward. Each level you are tasked to free a minimum number of them sneezies using just one tap. One tap creates an explosion and if a bubbled sneezy is within its range, it explodes setting a chain reaction exploding nearby bubbled sneezies. What is good with this game is that you do not need to restart all over from the beginning if you do not get to meet the required minimum number of sneezies to free from their bubbles. You just play the same level again until you pass it. The graphics are very good. Simple and good. The sneezies’ animation are also quite funny once their bubble explodes. Funny and cute 😉 he he he. You can play the game in classic or challenge mode. In challenge mode though, the gameplay is a bit different. You can tap explode more than once, but limited to each level. I pretty much enjoy playing this game.

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