Crazy Tanks For iTouch

A very neat game from the makers Bootant that created the BeeCells game, Crazy Tanks is another fun game to play. This arcade type game looks similar to a Mac OS game called Tank-O-Box. You use your iTouch and tilt your tank to move left, right, forward and/or backward. Tap the iTouch for your tank to shoot enemies. Tap faster to send ammo to the enemies quicker. If your tank is moving around too much, your firepower has a slight lag per tap. Playing this game from start to finish is quite hard not to die. Luckily, you get go back to the same level if you run out of lives.

Use powerups like speed, extra life, shield, larger ammo, upgrade firepower to aid you in defeating your enemies. For a price of almost a dollar, this game is pretty much worth having as one of your iTouch game collection.

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  1. I love this little game. One question I have is how to intreprete the circular “radar-like” screen in the lower right corner. I believe it contains info regarding where the enemy is, but I can’t figure out how it helps. Any thoughts?

  2. the red dots are your enemies. wherever you move your tank, or wherever it is facing, glance at your radar to see if there are any red dots. if there are, moving closer to them will get your tank nearer to your enemies.

    1.1 version came out. might check it out, probably it has new levels coz i already finished the game last month he he he

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