Slide It For iTouch

Slide It, created by Dijital Media is a puzzle game that is addicting yet simple to play. The object of the game isĀ to get the highest score possible. You slide tiles off the board into their corresponding slots. Take note of the timer below. If you slide a tile to the wrong slot, your timer gets lesser and lesser until you run out of time. So plan your moves carefully because as you progress to more levels, you need to be quick in looking at the tiles and decide which tile to slide first and next.

Special tiles appear that aid you in your game and score. Tiles with a plus sign help increase the timer. Tiles with a multiplier helps increase your score. Wildcard tiles can be used anywhere. The trick here to get a high score is never to look at your score while playing the game. I fell victim to it a lot of times after I looked at the score, it did not last long that time ran out of me because I lost focus. At least that would be my tip. Focus on the game and look at your score after the game is finished. I heavily recommend this game to iTouch users.

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