Show Hidden Files In Mac OS

As far as tweaking settings in Mac OS on showing and hiding hidden files go, I could not found a visual way to easily tweak it on and off with just a single mouse click. You would have to run some unix script to do it. For non techie people, it can be awfully a hassle for them. Even though I know a bit of techie stuff, running scripts to and fro is tedious. Anything visual can easily lift the burden for users who want a simple way to show and hide hidden files. Luckily, I came across an application that easily does this.

The Show Hidden Files program just does that. This lightweight application lets you click back and forth, showing or hiding hidden files. You may wonder, what good use are hidden files? Some people have needs to see hidden files (like myself) for reasons I will keep to myself. Well, alright, I will tell you why I needed that application. I got frustrated with my memory stick running out of space when I delete photos after I transfer them to my MacBook. I found out later on that the files deleted are actually stored in a hidden trash folder. The Show Hidden Files program gave me a huge assist ;).

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