Brickhouse Alert

Brickhouse Alert is the only medical alert provider to offer fall detection services and gps tracking in case the subject is lost or wanders off. Fall detection is practically useful to detect people falling off from stairs or wherever. Rather than depending on a device to push a button to medical alert emergency personnel, the fall off device sends alerts right away without having the person the need to push a button. These products were created by security experts who have years of experience handling these kind of situations. Only the best and latest in technology alert materials are used to make these devices. Check out Brickhouse Alert’s various packages with services offered that meet 24/7 response protection.

Another of Brickhouse’s array of security products is a GPS tracking bracelet that features a 2 way speaker phone so both parties can use it like a mobile phone and call for help. The site contains all the information you need regarding their products. Its content and layout was designed in a manner that viewers can easily understand what products and services they offer. You can be assured that purchasing with Brickhouse is safe and secure as it uses well known security technologies to ensure safe online transactions. For more queries and information, you can call their toll free number. Having any of these product(s) ensures their ultimate motto, “enjoy life, stay connected”.

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