The Creeps For iTouch

It has been quite some time since I did a review on an iTouch game. It is because there was really no new game that had me interested to get hooked on. Yesterday, after I installed The Creeps, I practically enjoyed it. It is a tower-defense kind of game from Super Squawk Software, the same type as another iTouch game called Field Runners. The game does come with defined maps unlike Field Runners wherein you are dependent on just 2 maps (currently) and when I finished the game, I did not have any urge to play it again. Your enemies come out from the closet going to your bed and it is your goal to stop them before they reach it. If any of them reaches your bed, your life decreases until there is no more life left and the game ends. There are 16 different levels that you do not have access to all of them unless you finish the first few levels. Build and upgrade towers to destroy them and as more levels are unlocked, more weaponry is available to you like toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs. Summon a giant spider to slow them down, or a UFO to sap thier energy! Place the path with some oil to make the Creeps slide fast down hill and climb slowly up hill. Use a tornado to carry the Creeps along the path in any direction! Your goal is to destroy all of them until there are no more waves of enemies left. You can also destroy other neutral objects like rocks and trees to increase your money so you will be able to upgrade your weapons. The price for this game is definitely worth it. Loads of fun and non-stop gameplay, I definitely got addicted with it, always wanting to finish the current level so I could get on to the next level.

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