pomegranateThe pomegranate phone … sigh … If only this would become a reality. The projector feature is awesome! Haha! Coffee maker cell phone? Shaver? Whoa! Those and more. Though the coffee maker feature is clearly fake, if this were real it would be soooo cool. But who knows right? Anything is possible. Maybe not now, but in the future. What do you think? Check out the video below to see what the phone has to offer (even if it is fake haha).

gardenwarAnother tower defense type of game is now available for the iTouch called Garden War. The graphics is cute, goes well with its music and sound effects. You are given at least 5 types of weapons to place strategically anywhere on the map destroying enemy insects as they pass along the road on to their destination, your garden. Every insect that reaches its destination will deduct your so called flower health. If you run out of health, then the game is over. Garden War gives you three modes to play, easy, normal and hard. The game does what other tower defense games lets you do with one unique exception. So far, out of all the iTouch games that I played featuring tower defense style of game play (e.g. The Creeps), this one has a unique option to upgrade your weaponry to have more firepower and weaponry.

Every pest you destroy, your experience level goes up. Once it becomes full, you can the choose among the experience options to upgrade your weapons. Be it having additional experiences to gain whenever a pest is destroyed or more cash totally depends with you. So choose wisely. My complaint with this game is that there is no way to restart the level. Seeing as how it is hard to place a unit anywhere on the map (you would have to drag the unit in order to place it. Problem is, sometimes I cannot see clearly if the unit will be placed at the location where I want because my finger covers the unit weapon entirely). Still, it is a very good game that you should have.

When using the LIKE keyword, I always get to do it this way, LIKE (‘%STRING%’). When the time came for me to use a column name instead since all string values to search for is in a table in my database, I tried to just replace the string value with the column name like this LIKE (%table.column_name%). The result was pretty obvious. It gave me an error.

As a string is required in this situation, I thought of trying the CONCAT() function since that outputs a string. And it worked! Hehehe. You can do it like this

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